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give away stuff, get free stuff in your area


Hate clutter? Wanna find cool stuff?

Reyooz.com was conceptualised and built by Justin Robinson, Mark Meyer and Peter MacRobert - a bunch of software developers and designers from London.

We built Reyooz to make it easy to get rid of the stuff you've got lying around, without adding to the Earth's over-burdened landfills.

Our aim is to get more people to see the benefits in passing things on and increase awareness of our impact on the planet.

We promise to keep your email address private and you will only get email from us when someone wants to take something you've offered or if we think there's something you really need to know.

If you like what we're doing or want to get in touch then please send us a message via the feedback form or drop us an email on help@reyooz.com.

Happy hunting!

Justin, Mark and Pete
Reyooz.com © 2009
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